A New Mode of Transportation


2 Years 2 Months & 11 Days

Ian and I are once again car owners! In case you are wondering, yes I do know the exact day I had to give up my BMW! I remember standing there crying with my friend Chandra...not really over the car, but really over all the changes happening in my life. But, back to today and the new car...

With the baby coming and a move to Aberdeen (they have a crappy bus system), we knew that we had no option but to get a car. The journey to get a car though, hasn't been the easiest. We originally did a deal through Ian's work to get a car. After waiting three months for the car, the week we were supposed to take possession, we got a call saying our car had been totaled in transit. And in case you were wondering, this happened last week, exactly a week before our bundle of joy (the baby, not the car) was to arrive! So, we set out on Saturday to find ourselves a car.

Today we took possession of our new car, a VW Polo turbo diesel with just as much horsepower as my brother's lawn mower (75)! But, I don't think my brother can brag that his car gets 53 mpg in the city and 75 mpg on the highway...so take THAT Jeremy!

Here is a picture of Ian leaving the dealership in our new little car:
And a picture of our car parked outside our house...it started raining on the way home...and we have only driven our car from the dealership to our house. We are exciting people!!!


  1. Wow it looks really cool! It is from the same country as your BMW, that should count for something. Congrats, I am very excited for you.

  2. Yeah! That is great! Cute too! Now maybe Baby G will arrive since he/she won't have to worry about being born in a taxi or other public transportation! Congratulations!

  3. I love the Polo! It is cute and eco-friendly.


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