Since Thanksgiving (obviously) isn't a holiday over here, we celebrated our Thanksgiving today. We invited a couple over that Ian works with and that go to our church too. We made a turkey, three different kinds of stuffing (some people don't like the same things!), sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and rolls. It was all very scrumptious.

Connor slept thru most of his first Thanksgiving. My mom had to hold him while we ate, because as soon as we sat down to eat, he got do babies always know the perfect time to cry?!?

The couple who came over is from Brazil, so we had a fun time talking about the different types of traditional food for holidays from each of our countries and talking about what the meaning of Thanksgiving is.

In the spirit of giving thanks, here are a few things I am thankful for:

* A wonderful husband
* A perfect baby boy
* My mom coming to visit
* Such wonderful family and friends that have made me feel so loved by showering Connor with love and gifts

I really could go on and on forever as to what I am thankful for, but I will stop there. God has blessed me with a wonderful life, filled with wonderful family and friends and I am so thankful for the life that I have.


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