39 Weeks

Things are getting down to the wire here. I will be happy to have this baby in my arms, and the nightmares of labor gone wrong out of my head. But, there is also something so sweet about feeling a life moving around inside of you.

I put the car seat in my car this weekend. Both kids were fighting over who gets to sit next to baby. Of course, they may be quickly fighting over who has to sit next to baby if it's a crier! Isla is currently situated in the middle, between baby and Connor. She seems excited about being able to be next to the baby. My hospital bag is mostly packed, though I do have a list of the things I need to add to it once I go into labor. And I think I have mostly everything I will need for right away after the baby is born. I am definitely being a minimalist parent this time around.

Connor asked me the other day if I was stretching out my shirts with "your big belly". I got a kick out of that. And I get a kick out of hearing the kids talk about the baby crying. Like Connor saying it will cry when he runs through the house too loudly and Isla saying it will cry when it's bored. Isla told everyone at her school that the baby's name will be butterfly if it's a girl. Though it's a great suggestion, I am thinking it won't happen ;)

Ian thinks the baby will come this Thursday. I think by the end of the weekend…or maybe I hope…because I also think it could stretch things out for a while longer. All I know is, Sunday night I was in pain all night and had trouble sleeping. I thought for sure Monday would be the day, as I had never had that happen with either of the other kids. But, my stomach calmed down midway through Monday. So, we shall see what happens.

I still get nervous about the kids getting off to school with everything they need if I am in labor. Or them being picked up in a timely manner. Or, my favorite, us missing trash day on Thursday…Ian and I were laughing about this because we totally missed putting our trash can out last week and I said it would be ironically funny if we were in the hospital with me in labor on trash day this week. Oh, the things one obsesses over when wondering when the baby will come!

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