Sometimes playing with your legos is more important than taking pictures with your mom. What's that, you say? Yes, you are right. Pretty much everything is second to playing with legos these days. Even if I was trying to torture Connor in this next picture by having Isla try to grab his legos, the smile on his face and the fact that they are holding hands still warms my heart. 

This week:

  • Connor went to work with Ian for a couple hours one day. I am told it went well...of course he had a backpack full of snacks and my iPad and some legos to play with...all without interruption from his baby sister. It was probably his dream come true! 
  • I signed up for a unlimited monthly carwash thing. Let's just say I averaged going thru almost daily this week. Ian made fun of me, but I was enjoying myself. And heck, I want to get my money's worth! 
  • We had something going on almost every morning this week. I had to set my alarm way too many times. This is kind of traumatizing for the girl that never sets an alarm. Hopefully this coming week will be less busy. 
  • Connor called me "babe" because "that's what daddy calls you". Everyone together now, awww.
  • We went to story time at the library. Isla had a blast (and may have tried to steal a hand puppet), while Connor laid in my lap and didn't participate. Kids are so hard to predict! 

As I said, it was a busy week. I'm hoping for a more relaxed week this week. Not just for sleeping past 8 (seriously, no one should be up before then!), but also because it is supposed to be in the triple digits this week and I don't think I will be motivated to do much besides sit with my feet in the kiddie pool and eat otter pops. 


  1. I can't believe your kids sleep past 8. That just blows me away!

  2. Connor calling you babe is just the cutest thing!


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