So This Happened...

I am that mom that isn't really into character clothing, or anything really, um, loud. So when my parents dropped Connor off yesterday after camping for the weekend, the first thing I noticed were these bad boys adorning his feet. They light up and everything. 

I am told he really wanted them and was starting to throw a fit because he wanted them so bad. Given that my mom knew they would make me cringe, I am pretty certain she directed Connor toward these bad boys.

What's cute is watching how excited Connor is about the shoes. Not quite as cute is Connor jumping up and down on our raised foundation wood floors (think LOUD) while Isla is napping just to see the shoes light up. Cute? Yes. Having Isla's nap cut short? Not so cute. But outside he can jump up and down in them all he wants. And he does.

Oh these shoes! But with a face like this looking back at me, how could I deny putting something on his feet that obviously makes him so happy?

But still, if I was at the store, these amazing shoes wouldn't have come home with us in the first place. I have become the queen at redirecting and distracting while shopping. Seriously, you should see some of the things Connor asks for when we are out.


  1. WOAH! In that last picture of Connor, you can just see the teenager in him. He's going to grow up to be a handsome dude.

  2. Look at that sweet, sweet face!

  3. OH my heavens! AND they light up?! Oh no...This cracks me up in so many (wonderful) ways! :) xoxo

  4. That last picture of him he looks so grown up!


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