I'm not sure what I expected Legoland to be, but it certainly beat my expectations. Driving up to it, Connor got the biggest smile on his face when he spotted the lego men lining the drive into the park. And when he got his first hands on experience with one, he was certainly in awe.

 ^^ This park (within the follow that one?!) was the first thing we really did after entering the park. I have to admit, I was swept away by the lego flowers. How stinking cute are they?! After letting the kids play forever, we had to drag Connor away crying. We kept trying to explain to him there was more to be discovered, but you know, that is a hard concept for a three year old.

Since Connor wouldn't tear himself away from playing for a ride, Isla got the privilege of going on the first ride. And I am going to say that is ok given that there were many rides she was just too short for...though I don't think she minded.

^^ I almost peed my pants laughing when I saw this picture. That pretty much sums up how Connor feels about getting his picture taken. I was actually afraid he was going to have a meltdown on this ride because he didn't get the helicopter he wanted (he wanted to ride in a police one), but he surprised me and was ok with it...though kept saying all day that he wanted to ride on a police one and eventually got to.

Connor got to meet a few life-size lego men in the park. He was oddly obsessed with their hands, wanting to turn them and even tried sticking his head in one of their hands! When that didn't work, he took to stepping on their feet. What an active one I've got!

Isla took a nice nap in the stroller and it really made her enjoy the afternoon. She was all smiles and enjoying long as she wasn't strapped in her stroller!

While Ian and Connor played building and racing lego cars, Isla and I played with the duplos. I am actually blown away by how well she can stack them...though I think that has to do with the number of legos and duplos we have all over our house! Talk about exposure. While playing with the duplos she got a little possessive when other kids tried playing close to her (think trying to grab the duplos other kids had while yelling "mine!") but there were so few people around, that really only happened once.

So I totally didn't realize there is a bunch of water play in legoland (I mean, HELLO, they have a water park right next door), so wasn't adequately prepared for my kids to take full advantage of it. Either way, they got in on the action a little bit (or maybe I was that mom that thought squirting them was funny, but whatever). And you should have seen the surprised look on Isla's face when she decided to stick her hand in front of this water stream!

^^ This is Connor and I on one of the last rides he went on. It is one of the first rides by the entrance of the park. When we first walked in, the line was an hour long. By the end of the day (when we decided to hit it up) it was only 10 minutes. Not bad at all and Connor enjoyed himself.

Legoland has those cheesy photographers all over the park that you see at these types of touristy places. We took full advantage of them and didn't have a single picture turn out. We seriously had like 10 pictures to look at and the kids didn't look happy or even look at the camera in any of them. Oh well. I'm glad they had fun even if we don't have a cute family picture to prove it.

We stopped for dinner after we left the park. Connor fell asleep in my lap in the middle of the restaurant. He managed to stay asleep when I carried him out to the car and buckled him in his car seat. He slept on the ride back to the hotel, stayed asleep when I put him in the stroller and when I transferred him into bed...and he slept for 14 hours. Talk about a tired boy! I'm glad he had so much fun.


  1. We haven't been yet but I think I need to take Landon. It looks like fun!

    Love the photo of Isla with the water gun. The look on her face is awesome!

  2. It looks like an awesome time! I think it looks fun, and I'm an adult.

    ps. I'd try to stick my head into the giant Lego man's hands too. I've always thought they were the coolest part.

    pps. I'd also squirt my kids with water and laugh.


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