She Drank What?

Isla drank milk and like didn't spit it out.

And I am guessing that unless you have a 19.5 month old that up until this point has only accepted cantaloupe juice (Friends reference...anyone?) you probably don't care. But trust me when I say, this is huge. Up until this point in her life, if Isla knew milk was in her cup she wouldn't even try it. On the off chance that I snuck it in without her knowledge, her first mouthful was always spit out and the rest of the cup was not touched. What can I say, cantaloupe juice is obviously better!

Given that this mama is starting to think toward weaning (especially since Isla is back up to nursing way too often) this is an exciting development in my life. And because I am sure there are some out there thinking "WHAT?! Did she just admit that she is still breastfeeding?" Yes. And to be honest, I never thought extended breastfeeding was for me. Heck, before I had kids, I didn't even think breastfeeding was for me. But, things happen and somehow I have found myself here today. And guess what? I am more open minded about a lot more things these days than I was a decade ago. Of course, there are just as many things that I am no longer open minded about. You know how it is.


  1. I nursed Ryder for 19 months (when he weaned himself) and Evan for 16 months (till I weaned him) and neither one of them like milk. Ryder will sometimes ask for a cup, but he only takes a couple sips before ignoring the rest. And sometimes he'll drink it if we get fast food and it comes w/ his meal. Evan takes a big gulp, expecting it to be super yummy, and immediately lets it drool down his chin. I have water babies for sure! Kids are so funny :)

  2. Niether of my boys are big regular milk drinkers but they do like almond milk and coconut milk. And I love that you have breastfed for so long. I wanted to go two years with Parker but he was done at 11 months.

    And yay for Friends' references!!


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