I'm always slightly amazed by how crazy kids go over bubbles. I mean, yeah they are cool, but kids (at least mine) literally freak out over them. The word "bubble" is even in Isla's vocabulary...whereas I am pretty sure it took Connor forever to say something like that (though it took him forever in comparison to Isla to start talking). And what is it with Connor and his obsession with his belly?! He wants everything on his belly. The bubbles were no exception. 

This week:

  • When I got up with Isla the other night, I went in to check on Connor only to discover him not in his bed. After not finding him in our bed and double checking his bed again, I started to look around only to find him curled up asleep in a chair in the living room! 
  • With the temperatures rising, water play is becoming more common around here. Both kids are loving it. 
  • I joined a gym and started working out again for the first time since having Connor. Pathetic, I know. And seriously, it has been killing me. 
  • George Lucas was the grand marshall at a parade in my city last night (he's from here). It was cool to see him, even if I am not a trekkie or anything. 
  • Isla has had a crazy week (and in turn so have Ian and I). But she has two of her two year molars in at 19.5 months. Seriously Isla, teething isn't a competition. Slow it down! 
Enjoy your weekend! With record setting temps this weekend, I am going to try to stay still as much as possible, hoping it keeps me cooler. 


  1. You noted that Conner was later talking than Isla. How much later? I'm noticing that my son is not talking the way my daughter was at this age. It worries me at times, but I have to remind myself that he is a boy and a second child.

  2. i just rejoined the ymca here and i'm determined to overhaul my body and my health. i'm done trying for now and putting all my focus on making my body a clean, vital machine. i need to lose weight and get off the white sugar and flour, but we'll see how that goes. i'm a sucker for anything white and sweet.

  3. George Lucas does Star Wars, not Star Trek. So yeah, you're not a trekkie at all. ;)


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