Connor's New Room

I am fairly certain the number of times Connor's room has been redone/rearranged in his lifetime is a testament to how his mom is...I tend to switch things up often. That is why I don't like to commit and tend to never buy really expensive things.

For memory lane's sake, here is what Connor's room looked like when I did it when we first moved into our house and here is when I overhauled it a year later. And guess what? A year later, the kid is in a different room in the same house! But this time, he now has a big boy bed. Like I said, I switch things up often. I would like some credit though...two years on, he is still using the same bedding/curtains.

The vision I had for this room and how it turned out are two totally different things. I changed my mind about things so often along the way. Craigslist doesn't help. I wasn't looking for a bed with a slide, but saw it on craigslist and thought it was cool. I really wasn't thinking when I decided on it. It was so difficult to figure out how to arrange the room around the slide. After rearranging twice by myself (and switching up furniture with other rooms) I called in mom.

My mom patiently listened to me as I explained what I didn't like about the other arrangements and tried to think of what I would like. Having the slide by the window just made the most sense. But then there was this weird corner that I didn't know what to do with. It is now a reading corner...and I would like to proudly brag that I bolted the shelf to the wall all by myself, with anchors and everything.

The other thing I was struggling with about the room was wherever the slide ended up would be dead space and I didn't like how that looked. My mom simply suggested the shelf/wall hook combo. Love it! So simple, useful and decorative. Thanks mom! 

I really like how the room turned out. And I am glad that I didn't get ahead of myself and do some of the things I was originally planning on doing because they were all semi-permanent and revolved around the bed being in a specific location...a location that the slide bed would NOT have worked in.

The kids really love the slide bed. They go a little crazy with it. And a week in, no one has fallen off it yet. I think that is pretty dang successful.


  1. That's the coolest bed!! His room looks great! Good job Jess and Mom :)

  2. Love the room! Sometimes it is so helpful to have a second pair of eyes give some ideas!

  3. Bed with a slide? You are the coolest mom!


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