Guilty Pleasures

I was at a thing this past weekend and we had to go around the room and say our "guilty pleasure". Before it was even my turn, one of the ladies said "I have pleasures, but I don't feel guilty about them." Bam! Talk about hitting the nail on the head with that one. 

These days I don't have much time or energy for guilty pleasures. And to be honest, I don't even like the term guilty pleasures. If you are feeling guilty about doing it, you probably shouldn't be doing it. Now I know that sounds extreme, but think about someone hiding in the kitchen chowing down on a few too many candy bars. There is nothing good or even funny about that. Indulging in an amazing treat every once in a while, now that's totally fine. But these acceptable (and even normal) things have been relabeled as guilty. Me no likey. 

I have to say, before I had kids (you know, when I had way more time and money) I indulged in way more guilty pleasures. And guess what? I prefer my life now. I really didn't need to fill my head with smut tv anyway. And this is just another sign that I am getting old

In the spirit of it all, I thought I would share a few things in my life that I enjoy that you may or may not know:

  • Candy cane Hershey's kisses
  • Taco Bell
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Blogging & reading blogs (I bet you never would have guessed!)
  • Wine - though I don't have a glass every night, I sure do enjoy a glass of wine while relaxing after the kids are in bed
  • Cheese - there is nothing better than a really good cheese to go along with that glass of wine

So I ask, what are some of your guilty pleasures?


  1. Yes, I totally agree about wording it "guilty pleasures", to me it just sounds gross!!

    My pleasures:

    McDonald's hot fudge sundaes!
    Playing candy crush
    Reading blogs, since I don't do much of blogging
    Walking around Target, even if I don't buy/find anything.

  2. My pleasures: Cherry coke, cookies for breakfast, a day spent reading, a long hot shower.

  3. I like that you want to relabel it as just "pleasures". I agree with the bad connotations "guilty pleasures" has. Also the term "vices".

    Anyway, some of my pleasures:

    - reading forums of nerdy fandom things (Doctor Who, Disney etc.) especially if they contain gifs
    - actually any gifs crack me up
    - coffee
    - lounging in bed

    That being said, since I don't have kids, and I'm not in school, I feel like a spend a lot of my time indulging in my "guilty pleasures"!


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