This week's photos brought to you from an amazingly large hotel bed. The four of us shared a king size bed last night and there was totally enough room for all of us. It was amazing and the experience totally has me thinking about upgrading to one. 

This week:
  • Connor woke me at 1:30am saying "Mama, there is a lego in my nose." Yep, there was. And after a stressful 10 minutes, it was out. 
  • I got the windows tinted in my car, just in time for summer and just in time for Connor to put a sticker on the tint right after it was done. 
  • I am a sucker for real mom articles - I enjoyed this one this week. 
  • We went out of town and I forgot my camera. I feel like my arm is missing. 
  • Connor slept all night in his bed two nights this week. Talk about amazing! 

We took the kids to Legoland this weekend and it was just as amazing for Connor as I hoped. Be prepared to have way too many (iphone) pictures of the experience coming your way soon. 

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