Awkward/Awesome {thirteen}

I had such an amazingly awkward thing happen the other day, that it spurred me to do another round of awkward/awesome. So maybe you should be thanking the dude in my first happening for this entertainment today.  

Awkward: A dude flirting with me when he totally saw me just standing with my hubby and kid. 
Awkward x2 (or really a zillion): He ended our conversation saying, "Next time you wear your owl and I'll wear my lizard."
  ** I should note that most of the conversation was regarding my owl necklace which I now kind of never want to wear again. 

Awesome: Boys pee standing up and can pee anywhere. 
Awkward: Even standing BEHIND my peeing boy, he still managed to get pee spray all over my feet. 

Awkward: That moment when you see your UPS driver while you are out driving and wave at him, only then realizing he has no clue who you are. 

Awesome: A nice old man talking to my kids. 
Awkward: Connor refused to talk to the guy and Isla buried her head and wouldn't even look at the poor man...and he kept trying, with the same results. 

Awesome: Free (relatively speaking) breakfast at the hotel we were staying at. 
Awkward: Me taking the kids by myself to said breakfast. Holding a tray of food while pushing a stroller and trying to keep a toddler from running away is not fun on any level. And not one single soul in the crowded restaurant offered to help. One lady even told me I was moving too slow.  

Awesome: The king size bed at the hotel. I so want one now. 

Awesome: Tomorrow is mine and Ian's 10 year anniversary. I know, right?! We are like a legit old married couple. 
Awkward: I plan on us eating the original top to our wedding cake from 10 years ago. I realize this was supposed to happen at 1 year, but things happen. I bet it is going to taste amazing. 
Awesome: Good tasting 10 year old cake or not, we are headed out for a night of celebrating tomorrow night and I am super excited. 

How about you, anything awkward or awesome happen lately?


  1. Wow!! Congratulations on your 10th!!! :D :D :D

    And that guy flirting with you, was he at least good looking? haha

  2. How was the cake?

    Also, in regards to the guy flirting... uh, at least you know you still got it?


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