10 Years

10 years of living life with my partner in crime. We certainly have managed to pack a lot into the past 10 years of life. It's been an amazing adventure and there is no one I would rather spend it with than Ian. Sometimes I am shocked by how lucky I got considering we "chose" each other when we were just teenagers...it's almost as if God had something to do with that ;) 

I feel so amazingly blessed to be living life with someone who allows me to indulge in my Taco Bell cravings, unloads the clean dishes in the dishwasher (because he knows I hate that part), doesn't baulk at my lack of love for the mornings, loves coffee as much as I do, doesn't judge me for how often I take my car through the carwash (hey, it's unlimited!), puts the paper on the porch so the sprinklers don't soak it and fills my car with gas without me even knowing it. This man allows me to be who I am (quirks and all) and accepts and loves me just like that. 

I really don't think I tell him enough, but he is a blessing and and an amazing part of my life. I am looking forward to the next 10 years (and more after that) and all the adventure it holds for us...like Connor becoming a teenager (eek!). 

I love you Ian Grimbleby and am proud to be your wife. 


  1. Such a lovely couple. Happy anniversary, you two!

  2. Such a sweet blog! Love you guys and holy cow Jessica... You look freaking gorgeous!!! He is quite the lucky guy!!

  3. Oh yea... And I love the coffee sign! I didn't know there was anything you loved more than coffee! ;)

  4. Happy Anniversary! You two are as adorable as ever! I love that Ian puts gas in your car. Not having to go to the gas station is one of my most favorite things! And I can't believe it's already been ten years!!! I'm still sad I missed your wedding.

    Oh, and your hair looks amazing!


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