We went for shaved ice because, well, nothing really sounds better on a hot day. It's so yummy. But seriously, the kids need to be hosed off before even getting back in the car. They get messy. I was trying to document that in our little group photo, but it did not do their sticky, syrup covered selves justice. I had to change Isla's whole outfit when we got home and somehow Connor got it all down his shins. But at least they enjoyed themselves, right?

This week:

  • We went blueberry picking with my MOPS group. That will probably be the last time for the season, as the bushes were looking rather picked over. 
  • Connor took a three hour nap (I finally woke him after three hours), then didn't go to sleep until 11pm. 
  • Ian and I went on a date. Thanks to an idea from Molly, we hit up the thrift store first and picked out outfits for each other for the date. 
  • A lady I did not know disciplined Connor while we were out and he was playing. I've never had that happen before and I hope it never happens again. 
  • We've chased trains a few times this week. Connor loves it and as soon as it is over, asks to go chase another train. 
  • We took the kids swimming in a real pool (you know, not our plastic kiddy one). Isla seemed to love it and though Connor had to be forced in, he did ok. 

Next up, father's day. I hope Ian likes what the kids got him.

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