A Shout Out to Ian

Happy father's day to my children's amazing dad. Back when we were teenagers, I really wasn't thinking about what kind of dad Ian would be, but I must say he is amazing. He happily allows the kids to sit in his lap and get food all over him. If I wake him to take one of the kids at night, he will take them without complaining and allow me to sleep. When I watch him snuggle with our kids and pray with them, my heart swoons. God surely knew what he was doing when he picked such an amazing man to be my hubby and the father of our children.

We celebrated Ian this morning by heading out for doughnuts...and judging by how busy it was, most other families had the same idea. Then we drove around in search of the perfect background and took some father's day pics. 

Ian got to open his father's day gift where he got a coffee mug he was wanting and a funny questionnaire from Connor. Apparently Ian is 3 years old, his favorite color is orange and his favorite thing to do is play legos with Connor. Oh the sweetness.  

Ian, you are an amazing man. You are the perfect partner in life and parenting. And I hope you know how much our little family loves and appreciates you.

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  1. Happy Fathers Day, Ian! We did a survey & Ally said Conrad was 3 too. :) have a great day celebrating Ian!


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