Isla, The Teething Monster

Isla certainly has proven to me that girls (or at least her) are way more drama when it comes to teething than boys. Every single stinking tooth that she has gotten has come at a price...a price for the whole household. Currently she is working on getting in her top two year molars. The bottom ones already came in. It's rough, I tell you. After a couple nights of getting almost no sleep one starts feeling pretty crummy. And the thing is, many mornings, just when I finally coax Isla back to sleep, Connor is up for the day. Awesome. And Connor doesn't nap. Double awesome. But we are making it through. Somehow. Though I have a feeling that copious amounts of coffee and me sneaking away for a girls night last night helped.

Somehow, in the midst of the sleepless nights, this girl still manages to charm the socks off me...though these times happen in the light of day...there be no charming of this mama in the dead of night. The way she says "help me" when she wants me to do something or how she gives Ian and I kisses. Even watching her try to run after the big kids playing tag at the park melted my heart.

But the nights. Oh how I dread them. I just pray that these two teeth come in quickly so we can all get some sleep again. You know, like actually sleep more than an hour and a half at a time.


  1. "there be no charming of this mama in the dead of night"

    Hahaha! So very, very true!

    I hope you get some sleep soon! Sleepless nights are the worst.

  2. That's the cutest little monster I've seen!! Sorry about the crummy sleep, girlfriend better hurry up with those teeth. Hope you get some sleep soon.


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