Spring Fashion Week {part 2}

First, thank you ladies for all the comments on my first post. It made my day and made me re-fall in love with my flowy (is this even a word?) floral tank. I love it, but go back an forth between loving it and feeling like it is frumpy. Well, you ladies made me fall back in love with it.

Though I have yet to find time to look at the last couple days of fashion, I am hoping to catch up on that this weekend, I have already been inspired. I now want to find my own colorful layering ensemble like Deanna's. And Charlotte has inspired me that it really is time for me to host another clothing swap, after seeing her adorable outfits all week. She also made me a little jealous that she can still sport her wellies this time of year! And, well, Rachael wins the award for best pictures...which, can your boyfriend give my husband a class or something on taking good pictures?! :) Rachael, you always look so adorable and I still can't get over the fact that we worked together and neither of us remember it!

On to my last three outfits...

Shirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Shorts: CAbi
Shoes: Rainbow

And this, my friends, is why I wear a tank top under everything. Because, well, sometimes a girl's just gotta jump! 

Shirt: Topshop
Necklace: PacSun
Shorts: Juicy Couthre
Shoes: Target

Let's just say, I have had these glasses since Ian and I were dating...maybe 12ish years. I have never updated the prescription in them. But my contacts were bugging me, so I wore them. I am thinking it is time to splurge on some new ones. 

Shirt: Target
Necklace: PacSun
Shorts: Juicy Couthre
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

And this is my attempt at being creative with my pictures...then trying to make sure you all saw my cool shoes. 

I want to give another huge thank you to Deanna for hosting fashion week. It is always fun, uplifting and inspiring. And well, I now have a few more blogs to stalk. 


  1. I like your "creative" photos, and those are some pretty sweet shoes you're showing off!

  2. Very lovely, lady! Those red shorts are great!!

  3. I love those last shoes- and you're jumping picture. How fun!

  4. ahhhh! those urban outfitters shoes are so awesome! and i agree about wearing a tank under everything. i never know when a child will randomly lift my shirt up. i liked your creative poses. :)

  5. I love those Urban Outfitter shoes! They are fantastic.

    I really need to start wearing a tank underneath everything. I've had more mishaps that I care to think about!


  6. Oh YAY!!! I was hoping for some more outfits from you! I LOVE your jumping pose! You always are just so cute. And you are tied for 'best shoes' with Deanna. You both have THE COOLEST sandals! I also love that you're rocking the long necklace look! I've tried that with no success before but mayhaps I will try again. And thanks for the shout-out! I'll definitely pass the compliment along to Boyfriend-Fellow (he was doubtful that the photos were 'good' and I kept telling him that if they weren't, I would've found a way to NOT ask him to take the next day's photos but that never happened.)

  7. Those red shorts are really great.

  8. the bottom-left picture looks like the "about the author" photograph on the inside cover of a book. =) those *are* awesome shoes, as well.

    1. That made me laugh and now that I look at that picture, it is so true!

  9. I love how much you include fun colored bottoms. I feel like that's very original. Most people sit to neutrals on the bottom, but not you!

    And jump, girl, jump! You look awesome.


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