The San Francisco Zoo

With it being the end of Ian's busy season (he is like James Bond an accountant) his office was closed for the day yesterday. In celebration of us having a random day together, we decided to head out of town. So to San Francisco we went. Yesterday's destination was the zoo.

We left late enough that we didn't really hit any traffic. And we hit up Ikea on the way home, so we didn't have any traffic on the way home either...well, except for the fight to get over the bridge to Ikea in rush hour traffic, but that wasn't too bad. Both ways it was perfect timing. But we were gone from our house for 12 hours, so it was a long day.

I feel like I have been to a decent about of zoos in the short time I've been a mother and I have discovered that the quality of them vary widely. And the quality is definitely not determined by the entrance fee. The San Francisco zoo is on the cheaper side and one of the nicest zoos I have been to. If you have kids, or just love zoos, and are in the San Francisco area, I definitely recommend it.

^^ Connor pointed at a macaw and said "that's a macaw". I'm raising a genius, I tell you. 

The highlight of the zoo for the kids was definitely the petting zoo. All the animals were really relaxed and both kids enjoyed petting them. Connor would put his face right in front of the animals and say "hello". Isla pet a bunch of animals, but her favorite part seemed to be chasing the ducks. Oh and she called every animal she saw "doggie".

Connor walked around the whole zoo, which I was pretty impressed with. He even tried grabbing another kid's hand at one point. This kid loves him some other people his size! And he seemed to have more fun climbing on the fake animals they had throughout the zoo for kids to play with than looking at the real ones. But, that's life and that's definitely the stage we are at.

^^ Right after this adorableness happened, the below act of brotherly orneriness happened. 

It was a good, albeit long, day. Both kids managed to nap at one time or another. Isla did for a bit while we were at the zoo and Connor napped on the way to Ikea and during most of the time we were there. I am pretty sure both Ian and I wished we could have napped at some point too! With or without naps, all of us were tuckered out and slept well last night. 

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