An Easter Recap

Kind of unplanned, but we started our easter celebration on Saturday night. My parents were in town and I invited them over for dinner. About a half an hour before they showed up, I decided to make it easter themed. I threw some eggs on the table as decorations and found the resurrection eggs I made last year in my mom's group.

Toward the end of dinner, I had Connor open each of the resurrection eggs and I read the corresponding scripture. I was shocked to discover that Connor already knew a lot of the story. Not all of what he would say was correct, but he definitely had some knowledge. I was one impressed mama. After dinner and a walk to get some froyo, we did a glow in the dark egg hunt with the kids.

On Sunday we went to church, then over to my parent's house for lunch. They gave the kids easter baskets...we didn't, so I am glad someone did!

I also drug us all outside and tried to do a little family picture session with bob the wagon. It is just a fun photo prop! I tried taking cute pictures of Connor pulling Isla in the wagon. But, they more turned out with Isla looking paranoid as Connor pulled the wagon as fast as he could...maybe it will work when they are a little older.

After lunch and some hang out time with my family, we headed home for Isla to nap. That didn't exactly go as planned. When Isla finally got to sleep, Connor was noisy and woke her up. So, with a 30 minute nap under her belt (she normally naps for 2-3 hours), we headed to Ian's parent's house.

Isla wasn't much in the celebrating spirit, but thankfully after she got some dinner in her belly, her mood turned around. The rest of the evening, the kids got to run around with Ian's younger cousins. Connor especially enjoyed that.

It was a good, albeit busy, day. Actually, I'm starting to get tired just thinking about all that we did!

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