This week's post is brought to you from my parent's house in LA. You can't really tell, but they have an amazing view of downtown LA from their balcony. It really is spectacular at night. If only the city would come around to allowing the one stupid palm tree blocking a complete view to be torn down. 

This week:

  • It's my birthday today. I must admit, I have enjoyed getting clothes as presents. It's not often this mama gets new clothes. 
  • Connor has started saying he loves us without being prompted...of course, he said the same thing to a random cat when we were on a walk yesterday!
  • Isla stayed awake on our entire trip down to LA and we didn't arrive until 11pm. And Connor slept for most of the trip. 
  • Connor got to hit/experience a piƱata for the first time. He was more interested in trying to stick his hands in the holes and grab candy than in hitting it. 
  • Isla doesn't sleep well outside of HER bed. This mama is going to be living off coffee for the next few days. 
  • My mom and I scored big time at an estate sale yesterday. I can't believe how much fun it is going through people's old treasures and finding myself some treasures. 


  1. Happy, happy, happy birthday! I hope it's FABULOUS, just like you!

  2. Oh my gosh!! How I wish I had been on that estate sale hunt with you and your mom! We've found a lot of good junk together and we've only fought over a few things. Sometimes, I let her win, just to keep her shopping with me! :)

  3. Happy birthday! I love receiving clothing for my birthday as well.
    I've never been to an estate sale, but I'd be interested in going...


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