The kids got a bubble machine from my parents for Easter. It was a hit. Isla stood right at the machine and let the bubbles just hit her head.  Her hair was getting soaked. Connor chose to run around after the bubbles. It was fun. And it was the first time in a while that Connor has been in our backyard because of our neighbors dogs. Every time one would bark, he would run back in the house, but after a few minutes would come back out. Baby steps. And I am happy with that.

^^ Look at her hair! It was coated in bubbly goo.  
This week:

  • Isla has started copying Connor, both in speech and action. It is cute now, but I can only imagine once she starts picking up on bad habits from him. 
  • Connor has started wiping his own bum. I'm happy about this, but the dirty toilet paper doesn't always make it into the toilet. 
  • I know I have been propagating a lot of blog posts about parenting lately, but this one is a little different. It touches on how hard parenting is and that we need to keep perspective and turn to God. 
  • Isla has been sleeping horribly the last few nights. Like literally up most the night. It has caused the whole house to be exhausted. Well, except for Connor. 
  • Connor is a little dare devil at the playground and when I try to help tells me "don't worry mama". 
  • With warmer temperatures seeming to become the norm, we are back to making our own iced coffee. I love having it on hand whenever I want...it feeds the addiction


  1. So sweet, "dont worry momma".

  2. Wow! Those look like some sticky bubbles... you're right, Isla's hair is covered. I'm glad Connor is taking baby steps to get back outside. I'm sure it's stressful on all family members.

  3. oh these pics are so sweet...i love the images you capture of your kiddos!


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