This Went Down Yesterday

Sometimes a picture so amazing comes along that it doesn't require words. 

The thing is, this blog of mine is like my diary and I want to remember the mundane aspects of mine and children's lives. Because of that, here is the story. For some reason, every once in a while Connor doesn't want to pull up his pants and tells me to do it. Yesterday, while we were playing outside, he went in to use the bathroom. He then came back and stood in the doorway yelling for me to pull up his pants. You see, I have taught him he isn't allowed out of the house with his pants down. Yes, it has happened a time or two before. With his hands on his hips and the look he was giving me, I couldn't help but take a picture...then share it with the world. After I took the picture, I went and pulled up his pants. I don't mind because I realize he won't always be little and won't always want me to pull up his pants. 

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