One Kid

Homemade iced coffee and outdoor play time...pretty much bliss for both of us!

Pretty much any honest mom out there will tell you after transitioning from one kid to two that they didn't realize how easy one kid truly was. In fact, most of us even thought one kid was hard. That kid took up all our time and we had no time for anything else. Seriously. When Connor was a baby, it was a struggle to fit showering in my schedule. Yet somehow with two kids I've managed to shower daily. I will however chalk that one up to now having some motherhood time under my belt and with experience, being better at figuring those type of things out.

This week my parents took Connor with them to LA for three days*. So, I only have one kid. It is a breeze, I tell ya. I forgot what it was like to have nap time all to myself...though, if I am really honest, it feels a little bit lonely. I have gotten used to having snuggles with my little man in the afternoon while Isla naps. But it certainly makes going to the store easier. And getting things done around the house. And bedtime too. But the nighttime, Isla is making sure that isn't easy on any of us. I am pretty sure she is suffering from the same horrible allergies I am and she was up most of the night last night. Yep, most of the night. No exaggeration. It was pretty dang bad.

I hear Connor slept fine last night. My parents have already taken him to buy legos twice. That kid certainly isn't going to want to come home any time soon. Hopefully deep down in his little heart, he misses his mom at least a little bit. Because I know we miss him. Even Isla points at his empty car seat in the car as if to say "uh mom, aren't you forgetting someone?"

While I have a little quiet time, I should enjoy it. So, with my extra time today, I am going to do a project or two. Who am I kidding, I am going to play on pinterest!

*So, my parents were nervous that Connor would freak out and miss us too much. Ian and I on the other hand are not nervous about that at all. We are afraid he will never want to come home! 

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