So everyone didn't look at the camera at the same time...what's new about that? I can say Isla was way more into being pulled around in the wagon that Connor was. In fact, once we were done, she climbed back in, ready for round two.

 And well, because life is always better with a few action shots, here you go...

That is my parents dog running around after us (well, technically she was mine and Ian's at some point). I must admit, I am warming up to the idea of getting a dog, but only a little one. I don't do ginormious dog poops! Oh, and the wagon, it was mine at some point too. His name is Bob. He has a magnet on his backside to prove it.

This week:

  • I am still tripping out over discovering that my blog friend Rachael and I used to work together years ago! And neither one of us remembers each other! 
  • Connor loves picking dandelions and blowing them. I think it is really cute. 
  • I went on a mommy date with my friend Mallory. It was so much fun. We went shopping and had lunch. 
  • My mom and I ripped out a whole planter of huge bushes in my backyard to make way for me to plant a garden. 
  • I'm still not sure why us mom's turn motherhood into a war, but I read this great blog post about it this week. 
  • Tonight we are doing a glow in the dark easter egg hunt with the kids. I am pretty excited! 

And because I know you are thinking about it, that is the same skirt I went off about yesterday. Just buy yourself one already! 


  1. I just read Rachel's post about SLO being her old stomping grounds - did she once work at Barnes and Nobles???

    ps. You are adorable in a skirt!

    1. Yes she did!!! Apparently I helped train her. I have no recollection. Such a small world.

    2. That's crazy! I actually have always thought she looked a bit familiar so I must have seen her around that area since I was probably across the street by then.

  2. If I could look as cute as you do, I'd definitely get that skirt! ;)


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