A Quick Trip

Back before we had kids, Ian's busy seasons weren't a big deal for me. I passed the time by working extra hours, having dinner with friends, watching tv, shopping and really doing just about anything I wanted. These days, busy season is not met with such gusto...especially on the days when I am ready for the back up troop to arrive home before noon! Also, these days Ian has to work Saturdays, which leaves him (and really us) one day off a week. Because of this, sometimes lots of the time it is nice to have a change of scenery on that one day.

When Ian got home on Saturday, he brought up us heading to the beach for the night. While looking up cheap hotel rooms, Ian was texting our friends, who moved to the coast last year, to see if we could stop by and say hi, but they offered more. They put a roof over our heads. So, we jumped in the car and left.

We got to their house about 8pm. Their son was in bed. Our kids played contentedly (way better than normal...seriously) for a couple hours while we sat around drinking wine and catching up. It was bliss. Then off to bed we went. Unfortunately, Isla had a super tough night. In her defense, she had a really bad one Friday night as well. But seriously, about 3am I was swearing off us ever traveling with that girl again.

Thankfully the morning brought coffee and a beach that was practically at our feet. After stumbling out of our friends house and to the beach, we walked and played in the sand. Then we walked some more and Isla fell asleep...no duh, the girl was tired. She hardly slept the night before!

After taking a scenic drive along the coast, we stopped and had some lunch, then packed up and headed for home. It was a short trip...25 hours from the time we left our house until the time we got home. But those 25 hours (minus the few that Isla tortured all of us by not sleeping) were good for my soul and good for our little family.

Sometimes a change of scenery is all that you need.

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