What Isla Wore {four}

Isla told me she isn't super comfortable being a model, so we came to a compromise and I allowed her to sit for the photos.

Shirt: Baby Gap - hand-me-down
Leggings: Baby Gap 
Shoes: Toms - an amazing craigslist find

I bought those leggings Isla is wearing on clearance the week after I had her. Please hold while I wipe my tears and remember a tiny Isla...and that shirt was a hand-me-down. I like texting my friend pictures of Isla wearing her daughters clothes and make her remember when they were little. Me and babies, I am such a sap. 

The older Isla gets, the more fun I have dressing her. I think because it is less cumbersome to put things on a bigger human. Tiny babies are just hard to layer clothes on. Then a blow out happens and you have to change all those layers. It just doesn't seem worth it. Plus, when they can stand, they just look cuter in clothes. 

Oh, and even though Isla didn't cooperate with her little photo shoot, I did get a cute picture of her playing in the yard. She was wearing Connor's sunglasses. Every time they came off, she brought them to me to put back on. I hope this means she will actually wear sunglasses. Connor has never been a fan and I think little kids in sunglasses look adorable. 

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  1. adorable. but so true about blow outs...which is why Parker is usually in jammies most of the time!

  2. She is looking like quite the stunner in those shades. ;)


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