I tried taking some artsy pictures of me and the kids in a field this week with my new toy...lets just say there was nothing artsy about them. And I have discovered the problem with a wireless shutter remote is without someone behind the camera looking at the picture, it is incredibly hard to make what I want to happen in the picture, happen. Make sense? But I am acquiring quite the collection of outtakes and am thinking I just may need to share them soon. All of us could get a good laugh out of them.

This week:

  • Though ants have taken over my house, I refuse to allow them to get comfortable. 
  • Afternoon outdoor play sessions with the sun on our faces have been happening daily and is just pure bliss.
  • Since the time change, both kids have been sleeping in until 9:30. Be jealous because it is amazing. 
  • Isla's new favorite word is "puppy" and she repeats it over and over and over and over...
  • I put Isla in sandals that squeak every time she takes a step. After a day, I removed the squeakers.
  • Connor took one of Isla's hair clips and told me it was a "teeny, tiny phone", then proceeded to hold it up to his ear and have a conversation. 

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1 comment:

  1. I think your pictures get better every week! Love this one!

    Sorry about your ant problem!


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