What good is it to take pictures on the bed if you aren't going to have a little fun, right?! And don't you fear, no one was hurt, or fell off the bed in the making of this madness. Though, there was one close call. Very close.

This week:

  • Connor told Isla the other day, "Sissy, stop making a scene!" That is something I say to him. 
  • Isla has taken to rejecting breakfast time and screams if I try to put her in her highchair. Whatever, drama queen. 
  • I attempted to make Connor a train out of food. He wasn't as impressed as I was. Oh well...just proves that so much of what we do for our kids is really for us! 
  • My brother stole semi-embarassing pictures of me off my phone and posted them on instagram. Kind of made me feel like I was 15 again

And for anyone who read this post, I actually went to sleep with ease after drinking a coffee the size of my head. I am considering doing it every night. I kid. 


  1. You are such a fun mom!! I love these pictures!!

  2. SO. MUCH. FUN. These might be my favorite pictures of all!


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