Connor Got In!

We found out last week that Connor got into the preschool we wanted him to go to. This is pretty exciting. I know he is excited about it. He even talked to me about it today. It's a whole new adventure for all of us.

I haven't consistently gotten up in the mornings (like haven't set an alarm) in almost 4 years. All that will change come September. I have these grand ideas that I will get so much done while Connor is in school...all two days a week, for 3 hours a day. I know, not quite realistic. I also have some fears and sadness about letting go and letting Connor go to school. Again, I know, only two days a week. I am excited though. This kid is social and I can't provide for him all the socialization he craves right now, so I know this will be good. There is just something a little sad about thinking of my little man going to preschool. Then I think about how adorable he will look with a backpack on and smile. 

And if you haven't already entered, my giveaway for a Nuby tickle toes ends tomorrow. 


  1. You (and Connor) are going to LOVE preschool. I was a little sad that first day that Landon set off but I have to say it is The enjoys the socialization and fun activities and I really enjoy the one-one-one time with Parker (and the absolute ease of going to Target with just one!)

  2. How exciting! Preschool will be good for everyone! Levi loves it!

  3. It still makes me a little sad they will be in different classes, but i am excited for our mommy/daughter dates that can happen during that 'productive' time! hahaha

  4. Can't wait to see Connor in a little collared shirt and backpack. :)


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