Fairyland {Oakland}

With Ian's busy season in full swing, we tend to like to do something fun on Ian's one day off. On Sunday, we decided to take a trip over to Oakland. After stumbling across Oakland Museum's annual rummage sale (aka: white elephant sale) last year, we knew we wanted to hit it up again this year. Given that I didn't want to drag the kids to Oakland just for a rummage sale, I decided to search for other fun things to do there. That is how I found Fairyland. It reminded me of Storybook Glen, a place in Scotland my friend took Connor and I.

Besides Connor being far too excited and running away from us numerous times within minutes of us entering Fairyland, we had a good time. The thing I liked was the rides are included in the price of the admission. And Connor was just tall enough to ride all the rides...by himself.

While he was on the carousel, I had visions of Connor deciding to leap off. Thankfully, no such thing happened. And I was impressed that he managed to get himself off the horse at the end, all by himself. Such a big boy! 

Isla, on the other hand, was perfectly content playing in the sand and dirt. This girl loves her some outdoor play. I have never seen a stick, or a leaf for that matter, be more interesting to anyone than her. And, for the record, she also likes to eat dirt and chomp on sticks. Oh, and pick up rocks and carry them around. 

There was a hill made just for the purpose of sliding down on pieces of cardboard. Talk about a kid's dreams coming true! Heck, talk about an adult's dreams coming true! After Ian showed Connor what to do, there was no stopping him. In fact, once we did stop him, in true Connor fashion, he protested loudly. Ian suggested I take Isla down. Holding on to her and the cardboard at the same time proved to be quite the challenge, but we both enjoyed the ride. 

Connor got to enjoy himself on a little ferris wheel. 

And if it hadn't been the end of the week (or the beginning?) I totally would have used this picture for my weekly photo. 

I think it's funny how at certain times, like this photo, the kids will just sit still for the camera. If only they would do that whenever I wanted to take their picture. 

There was one ride that adults were allowed on, thus kids of all sizes could ride on. It was kind of like a miniature carousel. Isla certainly liked it. And except for me being afraid of her leaping to her death deciding to climb off, she really didn't need me there with her. She got to ride it twice and really enjoyed it both times...and both times held onto the hat of the thing she was riding rather than the handle. 

At first, Connor thought he was too cool for the ride, then decided to go on it. 

On our way out, both kids decided to try out being a princess for a minute. Speaking of which, I should probably send this picture to my brother. He hates when Connor does anything remotely girly and I love pushing his buttons! 

As when all good things come to an end, Connor shed a few tears. I think it had more to do with sheer exhaustion after a long day than being sad to go, but you know. And after just a few minutes in the car, both kids were fast asleep. 

It was a fun, and very long, day. 

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