Just Sayin'

"I don't know why I have trouble falling asleep at night", says the girl sipping on a trenta iced coffee at 9:30pm. 


  1. In college I could drink coffee anytime of day and fall asleep two minutes later. Now I won't sleep all night if I drink it after 2pm. (And 2pm is seriously the magic time - drink it at 1:30 andI'm golden; 3:00 and I'm tossing and turning!)

  2. hahaha! As I read in your later post, I'm glad you didn't have trouble falling asleep!

    Coffee is unpredictable for me. Sometimes I'll drink it in the afternoon and have trouble falling asleep, sometimes I'll conk out with no trouble. Usually it's the former, so I try to avoid it in the afternoons/evenings.


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