Callum {1 year, 6 months}

Weight: 22 pounds, 8 ounces
Length: 31 inches
tooth count: 12

Likes: puzzles, climbing on tables, throwing things, frozen blueberries, doing things on his own
Dislikes: sitting still, his diaper being changed

This kid, I tell you. He has developed such an independent spirit since learning to walk. Often he doesn't even want to hold my hand. He insists on doing so much on his own now and fights being carried a lot. He knows how to move chairs so he can use them to climb on top of tables...the kid even climbs on top of our dining room table! He seems to sense when the gate on the stairs is down and goes running to the stairs to climb them. And he gives us the cheekiest smile when we say no to him. On the opposite end, when he is tired and I pick him up, he lays down his head on my shoulder and rubs my back, just like I do to him. He gets so excited when Ian gets home from work and runs at him yelling, "Dad!!!" And he has a passion for food and eating that can't be rivaled. 

Obviously the biggest thing that happened since Callum's last update is him learning to walk. He only walked bits at a time for about the first week, then one day literally started walking everywhere and stopped crawling. Every once in a while, I will still see him crawl, like under a table or something, and his little funny crawl makes me smile and tugs at my heart a bit because all this growing up business just happens so stinking fast. 

Callum is currently getting his eye teeth, and like all his teeth have been, it has been drama. Besides waking at night from the pain, he also walks around with a hand constantly in his mouth and has been drooling a lot. Anything cold has been his best friend. But, I mostly try to stick to frozen blueberries because it just seems healthier than giving him popsicles all day and they seem to make him just as happy. 

Because of the eye teeth, sleep hasn't been going as well as it had been. However, he keeps making progress on going to sleep. He has even been letting us leave his room without fussing while still awake. This is such improvement from just a couple months ago when we would sit next to his crib and hold his hands through the slats. And I am hopeful that once his teeth are in he will go back to sleeping through the night. Depending on when Callum wakes up in the morning and really also depending on our schedule for the day, he will take either one or two naps a day. And it's hard to say how long they last as he normally gets woken up by one of the other kids making too much noise. 

We had to move all the kids around in my car because Callum kept pulling Isla's hair. He literally ripped out chunks of her hair on two occasions, so I knew something had to be done. All three kids were sitting in one row. Now Connor and Isla are in the third row and Callum is all alone in the second row. It works out well. I thought maybe Callum would be more entertained on car trips because he has his siblings to stare at, since he is still rear facing. But after all the driving we did last week, I can tell you that was just wishful thinking on my part! When he gets bored on those long car trips, he lets everyone know. 

Callum loves playing with any water and loves going in the pool. He also will pick up any writing utensil he finds and start scribbling away. And if there is no paper close, he is happy to use furniture...not that I would know or anything. Throwing and chasing after balls are also still one of his favorite things. 

Callum is obsessed with his belly button. The kid literally walks around with his finger in his belly button at all times. One day I lifted up my shirt and showed him mine and he got so excited and went to stick his finger in it. Since then, he has seen other people's belly buttons and gotten equally excited. Such a funny thing to get excited over, but it's all cute, strange and funny all rolled into one. 

Just for fun, Connor and Isla at the same age. Apparently both of them had many more teeth than Callum at this point and also weighed a decent chunk more than my skinny mini.  

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