Arizona Desert Museum

I have to admit, the idea of spending too much time at a desert museum had me feeling a little meh...and possibly wondering if my deodorant could handle the heat. But I was super excited to see where my sister in law is going to get married, which is at the desert museum. Once I found out there are animals at the museum, I was more excited, as I always love going to the zoo. Of course, the reptile house, with all those snakes...and so many of them shedding skin?!?...had me a bit creeped out, but the rest was amazing. The sting ray exhibit was over the top cool and I got to see a porcupine up close. Oh, and the frog and tadpole exhibit had both me and the kids thoroughly entertained. 

Isla probably made this cute old lady docent's day by being full of questions about the saguaro cactus and seeming genuinely interested in everything the lady had to say. Connor, on the other hand, didn't even want to be there for a quick photo of the view, though when the lady mentioned you can see Mexico in the distance, both seemed intrigued, though I am not sure either knew what she was talking about. 

^^ Callum was obviously thoroughly enjoying the museum

^^ Sea eels always fascinate me and creep me out a bit

^^ This not so little guy was not a part of any exhibit, but was perched outside of a cage. He had an insanely beautiful bright blue belly and didn't seem to be bothered by me getting close to take pictures. 

Aww, the sting rays. Did you know they are native to the Sonoran Desert? Well now you do! And these ones were more than happy to let us touch them. Many of them even seemed to swim right up, almost asking to be touched. And one even peeked its face out of the water at Isla. I'm pretty sure this was a highlight for all of us at the museum. 

^^ Notice anything weird? Isla wore her shorts backward because "I wanted pockets in the front mom"

And we get to come back to the museum in January for my sis-in-law's wedding! Rumor has it that they bring out some of the animals for the kids to see at the reception, so that should be fun. 

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  1. The backwards shorts! Lol!!!

    This museum looks so cool! I would love to visit it!


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