I remember talking about going to Arizona all those months ago. It made sense. Ian had a work conference in Phoenix, then we could head down and visit his sister in Tucson. Then we planned Four Friends Market for the weekend before. And not long after that, I found out Isla's ballet recital was the same weekend. All the sudden, Arizona seemed a bit crazy. We realized there was no way after the weekend we were going to have that we could drive the 12+ hour drive on Sunday. So, Ian flew to Arizona on Sunday and I drove with the kids on Monday. Plus, it worked out because my nephew's first birthday party was Sunday. Talk about a crazy several days! 

Anyway, the kids and I made it relatively uneventfully to Phoenix. Though kids needing to go the bathroom THIS INSTANT in the middle of nowhere when you are by yourself is no fun. But we made it, none the less. 

Our time in Phoenix consisted of hanging out in a hotel room, wondering the hotel grounds, playing at a splash pad at a local outdoor mall and a fall on an escalator while holding Callum that really could have been a lot worse than it was...and may or may not have caused a bystander to cuss (out of fear, not anger). 

After Ian's conference ended midday on Wednesday, we packed up and headed down to Tucson. It was fun being able to stay in Ian's sister's new house and just be in her life for a bit. Her house has a bit of property and she can keep her horse in the backyard. Connor got to ride the horse and loved it, but Isla wasn't interested. Callum may have liked the horse, but what he loved was my sister-in-law's cat. He tortured that incredibly patient and gentle cat endlessly the whole time we were there. He would even just lay completely on top of the poor thing. But she seemed to always come back for more! While in Tucson, we got to go to the desert museum (which will get a post of it's own) and see where my sis-in-law will be getting married at the museum. I also had the privilege of taking her and her fiancee's engagement pictures. It was nice getting to know her fiancee and I was glad to learn he has a sense of humor. 

We left Tucson on Friday and headed to southern California for Ian's brother's graduation on Sunday. Yeah, summer has been super busy so far! On the way we stopped at the Cabazon Dinosaurs. I remember passing those dinos all the time growing up (I was raise in Arizona but both my parents were from southern California), so it was fun for me to stop and explore. The kids enjoyed themselves too. 

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