Isla's Ballet Recital

^^ Not that you can tell, but Isla is in the front row, in the center.

^^ Smiling at her Papa as she dances off the stage.

^^ With Ian's parents

Isla had her ballet recital this past weekend. It's amazing to me how much she has changed and matured over the past year. This year she was required to sit with her class for the first half of the recital. I didn't know how well she would do, but she did great. In fact, her and most of the girls in her class spent their time up dancing, trying to copy the dancers on stage. It was really cute. Also, there wasn't a meltdown in sight over anything regarding the recital, so that is a major win in my eyes...and another sign my little girl is growing up. 

Isla did great on stage. The first night, my parents came and we stood right in front of the stage. When she saw my dad, she got a huge smile on her face and yelled "Papa!!!" and she also gave him the biggest smile when she was dancing off stage at the end. On both nights, when the girls are supposed to skip around in a circle, most the girls didn't seem to remember and both times she shoved the girl in front of her to get her going...hahaha/eek! The second night, Ian's parents came and we all had a picnic in the park during the recital. Connor got ice cream from the ice cream truck that annoyingly parked itself right to the side of the recital and blasted it's music. And both boys had fun running around and playing with other kids at the park for the recital.

In case you care, here's Isla's recital from last year. I forget how much they change in a year!

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