Isla's Ballet Recital

^^ This is her "Oh hey guys, I'm on stage" face.

^^ And this move (which I am sure has a technical ballet name) was literally Isla's favorite part of her whole dance. 

^^ Both sets of grandparents brought Isla flowers to her recital…the parents on the other hand...

Isla had her ballet recital this weekend. She seemed both excited and nervous for it, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but she totally loved it. With the forecast calling for a high of 108 for that day, we went ahead and got a babysitter to stay with Callum during the recital. And, lucky for Isla (and all of us), the kids in her age group all get to leave as soon as their dance is over. Next year she will be expected to stay until intermission.

During the dance itself, Isla was very serious. She literally didn't smile at all while dancing. But, before and after the dance, she would smile at the crowd. Her favorite part of the dance is at the end, so it was nice to watch her "finish strong". Especially since the girl next to her was sobbing like crazy, so Isla spent about half the dance just staring at her crying. But, then she seemed to get over the girl crying and start dancing.

It was a fun (albeit hot…and sometimes crazy with the crazy and serious dance moms) experience all around. Isla said she wants to do it again next year and after her recital next year, never again. Haha! So, I guess we will be taking this whole dance thing one year at a time…of course, isn't that every activity with kids?!

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