Brotherly Love

I don't know if it is because Connor and Isla fought nonstop for their first three years together or because Connor has never really been into babies, but the brotherly relationship between Connor and Callum has been a pleasant surprise from the moment Callum was born. Connor loves him so much…maybe sometimes a little (or a lot) rough, but the love is still definitely there. I see it when Callum is crying in the car and I turn around at a red light to find Connor holding Callum's hand and stroking his cheek. I see it when Connor jumps on the floor and excitedly gets all up in Callum's face. I see it when Connor wants to see Callum as soon as he wakes every morning. I don't know how this relationship between the two of them will play out, but so far it is so precious that it constantly has me all mushy with emotion.

 A little side note, Connor did say that Callum can't share a room with him until he is three and able to properly play with legos…so there is that. But, the room sharing will come way before that, so yeah.

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