I still haven't been able to decide if the timing of our trip, in the middle of an incredibly stressful and crazy season of life, was absolutely genius or incredibly stupid. Either way, I felt the stress of life totally off me while we were gone, we made some amazing memories, and some we will be laughing about for years to come. Here are a couple highlights…

I left all of our luggage and one of our children with a stranger when Isla had to go to the bathroom. In my defense, she was holding her butt, crying that she needed to poop really bad when this kind saint of a stranger offered to stay with Connor and all our luggage. 

Connor and I went digging for crabs on the beach and managed to unearth one about the size of my hand. Ian claims I was flapping my arms as I went running down the beach screaming. I definitely remember the running and screaming part, but I'm not so sure about the flapping of the arms. Either way, Connor said "Let's not dig for crabs again, ok mom?"

I had the most incredible spiritual experience seeing the sun set from the top of the volcano halekala. In spite of the kids complaining and wanting to sit in the car, I couldn't help but feel amazed by the beauty and feel like I was in the presence of God. 

One evening we took the kids to get some gelato after dinner. The place has a back patio that is over the water. Sitting back there with three kids that weren't complaining/crying/whining, listening to the waves crash, eating great tasting gelato felt pretty much like pure bliss. 

The trip really was an amazing one. Though, Connor says his favorite part was the hotel we stayed at in San Francisco the night before we left. I am not sure if that means the trip was a total fail for him or if the hotel in San Francisco was just that good. Either way, I will always look back on this family trip with fond memories…because, hello, no public meltdowns…and will try to forget about Isla's stuffed animal ending up in the toilet on the way home

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  1. I love all these photos. They are so great. I just like to try and picture the large crab experience, haha.


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