Father's Day

I know father's day was a while ago now, but I have pretty much been living life behind the times for the past few weeks now. We moved the day before father's day. And with us returning from Hawaii to me having not have packed at all and us moving in less than a week, let's just say there was no time that week for even any brain space to think of doing anything for father's day.

Even with not a card in sight (for Ian or our dads…fail) I still managed to make sure our annual tradition of pictures of Ian with the kids happened. And, I have to say, these pictures really sum up the kids personalities at the moment. Connor, the one that generally does as he's told. Isla, the free spirit. And Callum, the one that just wishes he could get a moment to himself from time to time…that last photo especially had me laughing. There is always someone touching Callum.

Even with not a gift or card in sight on father's day, we still had a good one. And we managed to get Ian's dad to cook FOR us, even with us not doing a thing for him…that's true parental love right there.

Next year though, I'm bringing it…I mean, really, I can only go up from here!

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