Can I brag for a minute?

I really do just need to brag on this guy. He has always been extremely cautious around water. Swim lessons have never been super successful. Last year, we were all excited because he stuck his face underwater…with the bribe of a lego. Enter Hawaii. This kid was running and jumping in the waves. He was purposefully letting them crash into him and get his FACE WET. I was shocked. In a totally and completely good way. Then we get back and he gets in the pool, with a life vest on still, and wanted to swim by himself. This is a HUGE DEAL. Last year, he wouldn't do anything unless he was holding on to the side of the pool or one of us, even with a life vest on. This gives me such great hope that he may actually swim…which is a good thing considering our new house has a pool. I am just so proud of him for overcoming (or more facing) so many of his water fears and starting to branch out. Proud mom over here.

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