Blueberry Picking

^^ The dirty mouth is a dead giveaway that he was picking to eat, not to put in the bucket!

We hit the ground running when school got out and things haven't let up. The Saturday after school got out, we went blueberry picking as a family. It is always one of my favorite activities. The kids can pretty much freely roam, they can become one with the dirt should they please, there is a playground, a bounce house and more. Plus, we come home with tons of yummy blueberries!

Our first year blueberry picking was when Connor was Callum's age and I was pregnant with Isla. It is funny to watch the way the kids pick blueberries based on their age. Connor is at the age where he is serious about the job. He wants to make sure only the best are picked and that all make it in the bucket. Isla now has more make it in the bucket than she eats. And Callum, well he eats every single one he picks...and even eats the ones off the ground!

It was nice to go relatively early in the season, when it wasn't too hot out and there were still tons of blueberries on the bushes. We came home with 4 pounds and ate them all in a week.

And, just in case you are like me, here are some of our blueberry picking adventures from years past - 2016201520142013, and 2012...and some strawberry picking in 2010 in Scotland

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  1. I want to take the girls berry picking so badly!

    I also need the details on that "lil bro yo" onesie! Sooo cute!

    1. It's from Swanky Shank. They are on instagram and their shop is on Etsy. I really like it and have been shocked (in a good way) that the letters, which are felt, stay flat even with washing.


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