Blueberry Picking

Today my friend and I took our kids blueberry picking at Jessop Farms in Ripon.There are some adorable pictures to show of my son stuffing his face with blueberries, but I also need to be honest. My sweet and normally content Isla, was not so content, making our fun and relaxing outing not so fun and relaxing. Poor girl. She really seems to be struggling today.

Connor ate so many blueberries that I actually offered to pay for an additional half pound, but the farm said no. I am thinking they don't realize how many blueberries one little 2 year old can consume. Between Connor eating so many blueberries and Isla being fussy, we ended with practically no blueberries in our bucket. Thankfully my friend and her kids were willing to help out and gave us some of their spoils.

We also tried to do a little strawberry picking. Isla was pretty much in full on meltdown mode at this point, so I didn't get to experience much of it. But apparently Connor was picking strawberries and eating them stem and all. What can I say? This kid likes him some fruit!

Thankfully my MOPS group has a couple outings planned to the farm this summer. Hopefully Isla will be in a better mood next time because I like me some berry picking and want her to as well. 

You can read about our strawberry picking when Connor was a wee little fellow here. I am hoping to get some adorable pictures of Isla in a strawberry patch as a youngin as well. Hopefully she will cooperate next time!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I can't wait for the MOPS outing there! Sorry Isla was a fuss bucket...hopefully next time will be better!


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