Happy Mothers Day...

...to me!

I actually got my present on Saturday. And given that Ian was having trouble finding what he was looking for, halfway through his shopping excursion he let me come along for the ride. And we found me the perfect present. A pot and plants for our front porch...to go right in between my birthday present from the inlaws, some chairs.

Anyway, I am not a huge celebrator of holidays. I am more into the calm and laid-back approach to celebrating. I also don't like to be the center of attention. So my mother's day celebration was perfect for me. We packed a picnic lunch and headed out of town up to Railtown 1897 (which is one of the California state parks thats slated to close July 1) with my parents.

It was the perfect weather and the perfect place to take Connor. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and I think the rest of us enjoyed watching the excitement in his eyes. Though, when he gets really excited about something, he becomes very quiet and calm (remember him meeting the train conductor?) so you wouldn't know he was excited. And given that I am the "life documenter" of the family (aka: photographer), there are no pictures of me with my kids on mothers day. Epic fail. Oh well. There's always next year for that!

We ended our afternoon of fun by picking up ice cream on our way home. Yummy! It was the perfect un-celebratory day of celebration for me.

**You can read about our first trip to Railtown 1897 here

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  1. That sounds like a lovely Mother's Day for someone who doesn't like a lot of hubub. And I love your little porch setup! You're adorable.


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