Weekend Update

Friday Night:
Connor fell asleep on the way to dinner...
And slept through the entire meal in Isla's car seat!

Ian let me sleep in!
A morning walk to farmers market
Huge, fresh, locally grown apples
We were late to Ian's work picnic
No one seemed to notice

Ian made dinner. It was good. 
Connor had yet another entertaining video chat with my parents

Isla slept, but woke up as soon as worship was over
Iced coffee from starbucks...I think we had it more than once this weekend! 
Family walk
Our neighbors drove past us twice and honked at us both times

Don't worry, I shared that ginormous cone with Connor!
Dinner in the backyard
Inappropriate text message conversation with my aunt. I love that woman!
Babies are now quietly sleeping in their beds!

1 comment:

  1. Connor and his sleepy pictures crack me up!! He must have been tired!! So cute!

    I have been craving Froyo for the past year! I think it is time I fulfill my craving!

    Looks like a fun weekend!


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