Connor {2 Years, 6 Months}

 Weight: 30lbs (my measurement)
Length: 37.5 inches (my measurement)

Repeats anything and everything you say
Can count to 10
Knows his body parts
Knows his colors
Can recognize a few letters

My little boy has become just that, a little boy. He has his own likes and dislikes, asks for things when he needs or wants them and has become quite the talking machine as of late. 

Some of Connor's current likes include all things train, all things cheese, and if I let him, he would play with my iPad all day long. A couple times now, Connor has expressed his opinions about what he wants to wear...I knew this would happen eventually, but I don't want it to happen yet!!! He likes his Thomas the Train shirts and his sandals (not his oh-so-cute rainbow flip flips though). And in general, he is not down with me putting him in overalls, though sometimes he doesn't seem to mind. Also, last year he hated wearing hats, this year he doesn't seem to mind. 

Connor now hates having his picture taken. Did I ruin him by constantly taking his picture for the past 2.5 years?! He will either refuse to look at the camera or cover his face. Sometimes I can bribe him, but that only works for a moment. Today, in the middle of our photo shoot (that's right, this mama does mini photo shoots with her kids!) he went inside and tried to lock me outside (hence the last picture). Notice how he was willing to look at the camera as he was shutting me out!

Bedwise, Connor is doing great in his big boy bed. He sleeps all night and generally sleeps until 8am. Naps still aren't happening as often as I'd like. Usually that means Connor is rather irritable and ornery in the late afternoon. I am considering taking all the toys out of his room so he has no choice but to sleep during his naps. Any mama's out there had problems like this before?

After a great interest in the potty a couple months ago, Connor has been pretty against it as of late. My mom bought him a little kid potty last week and he seems to like it, though still isn't super interested in it. The last couple days though, I have been letting him run around in big boy underwear in the morning...every day has resulted in an accident. But today, the accident happened in the bathroom, so I am going to take that as progress! 

My boy is growing up. Rarely does he give me cuddles anymore, but I take them any chance I get. At least he is still willing to kiss me goodnight!

P.S. Isn't it ironic that my kids were born one date apart (the 13th and the 14th) so their little updates are always one right after the other! 

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