What I Wore {eight}

While going through my room and purging things yesterday, I found an old nose ring and stuck it in. I have been thinking about putting a hoop back in my nose for a while now, so it was great that I found one lying around...hence the change was free! So here I am with my nose hoop.

What do you think?

I think I have mentioned before my distain for my legs. They are by far the hardest part of my body for me to be positive about. For years I have refused to wear any shorts that are shorter than my knees. I kid you not. I am that obsessed disturbed by my legs. I just hate how when I sit down they spread out like pancakes. Gross, right? Back to my point, here is me with one of the two pairs of shorts I own (thank God for dresses in the summer!)

Shirt: Banana Republic
Shorts: Juicy Couture 
Bracelet: Found in my bedroom while purging
Shoes: Rainbow

This is pretty much my summer look, t-shirt, jean shorts and flip flops. Come to think of it, it is pretty close to my winter look as well. Anyway, I am considering branching out this year and getting me some fancy new shorts. Maybe something with a bit shorter inseam. Who knows though. We all know how brutal the lighting is in dressing rooms, so I would probably never be able to talk myself into it! 

P.S. I just realized my whole outfit is at least five years old. I am thinking it is time to spring for some new summer clothing! 


  1. Keep the nose ring! I love it.

    I have a hard time with my legs too. I prefer longer shorts as well.

  2. You always look so 'fresh'. That's one of my favorite things about your style. And you know everyone's legs go 'fooomph' when they sit, right? Cuz I bet you've got perfectly lovely gams.
    Also, I'm so surprised your piercing didn't close up. My friend's always closed within 2 hours of her taking out her nose ring.


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