What Isla Wore {one}

Shirt: Cherokee - hand me down
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Saltwater - hand me down

Its probably time for someone to do an intervention on me. I did a photoshoot with Isla just because I liked her outfit so much. It was a really great outfit though. One of my friends said last night that it was her favorite outfit she had seen Isla in. See, it really was great!

Isla has so many clothes sources (grandmas, friends, hand me downs) that I never need to buy her clothes. Her wardrobe is a little out of control. I guess we start 'em young! Anyway, these shorts are actually something I bought for her...right after she was born. I love them and was so excited for her to wear them. They are just that freaking cute.

As I've said before, even though I utilize them, dresses and hair bows scare me. This outfit is is true representation of how I would style my adorable little girl.


  1. Oh I love this!! Miss Isla did look pretty darn adorable!! I can't wait to see more of little misses wardrobe.

    1. I should have given you credit for her adorable sandals!

  2. Awwww, start 'em young indeed! She looks like she's totally rocking that outfit. Whadda baby model!

  3. I love those cheeks! Little Isla is stylin'!


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