Minivans & Modesto

I bet you didn't know that Modesto and minivans have two things in common:

1. You have to swallow your pride to be associated with either. Everyone knows this about minivans. Sure, there are some out there that love the swagger wagon, but those people are in the minority. Everyone else has to take a ginormous humble pill before purchasing their first minivan. The same can be said for living in Modesto. All anyone raised in Modesto wants to do in life is leave. Once they come back, cough, cough...WHAT? There was something stuck in my throat! Where was I? Oh yeah, once they realize they are moving back, they have to take that humble pill. 

2. You have to talk yourself into both of them. Did you ever notice when minivan owners talk about them, they try to point out all the features? You know, all the cargo room, the sliding doors and MPG. They don't get that good of gas mileage people!!! I kid you not. I was actually shocked that they only get slightly better gas mileage than a full size SUV. Anyway, the same is true of Modesto.  I here over and over people saying Modesto is a great place to live because its so central. You can take day trips to San Francisco or to the mountains to go skiing. Makes me laugh every time I hear this. Why don't people brag about living in the car theft capital of America?! Oh yeah, because we were dethroned and now are only number two. Shame. 

I would like to point out, the two people in my family who moved to Modesto kicking and screaming (when we were high schoolers, none-the-less) are the two people left in Modesto older brother and myself. A little bit ironic and a lot funny if I may say so myself. 

Oh, and don't plan on seeing me in a minivan anytime soon! It's my lifelong mission to avoid owning one. A 1970's VW bus though, I think I could handle. 

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