Black & White

I have always loved black and white photographs. There is a black and white picture of my older brother and I from when we were toddlers. We looked like hot messes...his shirt was untucked, his arm around me. I had my fingers in my mouth and my hair was a mess. But it is probably my favorite picture of my brother and I. It is just so beautiful. There is just something about black and white photographs and the emotion they portray. 

That being said, every time I edit my own photos, I always have trouble turning pictures into black and white. Why? I love color. I love texture. I love the pizazz. The other day while playing around with some pictures of Isla, I realized converting these pictures to black and white allowed me to focus on her sparkly eyes, even if you can't tell they are blue. Why? Well because I wasn't so distracted by her crazy colored high chair and equally crazy colored pajamas. Black and white. Simple. It allowed me to focus on what I wanted to focus on. My beautiful baby's face.

I think I am turing a corner here. I think it is time to try black and white a little more often. 

P.S. In case you were wondering, these are pictures of Isla stuffing her face for the first time with some blueberry pancakes made by her daddy. 

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  1. Beautiful. Stunning and oh so stinkin cute!!! Your right, even w/o showing her pretty blues, her eyes jump out at you and sparkle!


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