Summer's A Comin'

With it expected to hit triple digits this week, I am declaring it summer. And given that it was a cool 98 degrees today, I thought it would be the perfect day to introduce Isla to the pool. She certainly enjoyed it and enjoyed splashing her adorable little hands in the water. 

She also had some entertainment in the pool with her in the form of her brother. Connor was playing on the slide and Isla was being a good little sister and was totally into what he was doing. 

And let's be honest, what pool time would be complete without otter pops?! Connor was all over it. Okay, I admit, I was all over the little frozen refreshment as well. Of course, Connor enjoyed his from the comfort of his pool. And Isla, she got to enjoy some refreshing, cold water...which she spit out. I am thinking she was disappointed. 

Connor actually went in twice today...he loves him the pool! 

Makes me get all nostalgic and think of all the days we spent out in the backyard last year while little miss was cooking. Feel free to get nostalgic along with me and read about those times here and here


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